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Hostel Tomar

Get some rest


At Avenida Hostel we believe that less is more. We took away all the superfluous layers from our rooms, creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere where you can have a restful sleep or daydream without distractions.


We love to receive travelers in Avenida Hostel.

We like to hear their stories, to know where they come from, the lands they have seen, their next destination. Because receiving travelers is like traveling backwards, without leaving the same place.



We will love to hear your travel stories, your life stories, every stories to be honest. António, Hostel Avenida's owner, is a storyteller himself. Whether in winter by the oven, or in summer with all the patio windows open, the community area invites us to share with.

Look Around 


Being a Knight Templar City, Tomar is a very special place watched over by the Knights Templar Castle and its UNESCO World Heritage site Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ). But there's a lot more to experience in Tomar. We will be delighted to give you all the assistance so that you can thoroughly enjoy the city.


Cook something. Do your laundry. Brew a coffee. Order breakfast. Upload your travel photos. 

Or just ask for directions and get a feel for the city.

Residencial Avenida Hostel Tomar

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